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Hodags Go Trapping in 2017

Bradley Comer

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With the start of spring many of Rhinelander High School (RHS) athletes will hit the fields, courts, and tracks to start baseball, softball, soccer, tennis and running.  

In 2017 some Hodag athletes will be taking on a brand new sport – trap shooting, or trapping.

The RHS Trap team made its debut in April and it sounds like this club will be more than just a ‘shot in the dark’.

The Hodag Headlines was able to contact the coach of the trap team, Mr. Kriesel, to ask him a few questions about trap shooting and his expectations for the team this season.

Hodag Headlines Reporter (HHR): How did trap shooting start at RHS?

Mr.Kriesel: Trap shooting started in Rhinelander with the Hodag Sports Club decision to bring new shooters into the sport by exploring the high school sport.                                        


HHR: Who is sponsoring the trap team?                                                                                              

Mr. Kreisel: There are many sponsors. They include: Rhinelander GM and Toyota; Musson Brothers; Ponsse; Experia; Boyd Financial; members of the Paper Mill Union; Gillespie Convenience & Fuel, LLC; Oettenger Excavating; Futurewood; and many other private donors.


HHR: How long is the trap season?                                                                                                               

Mr.Kriesel: The season runs from April 2nd through June 10th.


HHR: How is training done and where?                                                                                                     

Mr.Kriesel: Training is done at the Hodag Sports Club. Come on out and see how the training is done. (every Sunday starting at 11:30 a.m.)


HHR: Why does it cost $200 to be in trap shooting?                                                                              

Mr.Kriesel: In trap shooting you are consuming shotgun shells and clay targets. Both have a cost associated with them. The fees we charge cover the costs of consumables.


HHR: Where do you compete?                                                                                                                        

Mr.Kriesel: We will compete at the Hodag Sports Club located at Cty Hwy C in Rhinelander.


HHR: How do you win? What do you win?                                                                          

Mr. Kriesel: This sport is about competing with yourself and a team score. The scores each week are tabulated and a team score is sent to the league. Hitting a moving target with a shotgun is a skill that takes time to master.


HHR: Is there going to be a Junior Varsity and Varsity team?                                               

Mr.Kriesel: You will be able to letter in the sport, but there will not be a JV or Varsity.


HHR: How do you feel you guys will do in the first season of trap shooting?                              Mr.Kriesel: I feel the students will do very well.


In addition to Coach Kriesel, the Hodag Headlines also spoke with Ian Drescher, a member of the team.

Ian has enjoyed shooting clay targets since an early age and said,”I am excited to use my skills for RHS sports.”

He’s not sure how the team will do this year but is excited to find out. As for the cost, he feels it is very reasonable. Ian is sure to bring his talent and his love for shooting to this young team.

Thanks to Mr. Kriesel and good luck to the Hodag Trap Team!

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