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Chromebook Conundrum

Savannah Chartier and Brooke Mork

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Students arrived at school late February to discover district professionals had overridden the ability for students to personalize the wallpaper and settings of their Chromebooks.


The student chromebooks are a way for students to use technology and expand their learning ability by being able to access different websites and having different connections to not only other students but also teachers. Chromebooks are useful tools for learning, and students report spending a lot of time on them every day.


“I am on my chromebook for a total of 7 hours a day,” said Livi Roberts a Senior.  


Jaycen Neri a Sophomore stated. “My chromebook is in use for a average of 6 hours a day.”


“I’m on my chromebook for about 3 hours.” said Sophomore Abe Laggis


With the changes that occured at RHS, students noticed that the chromebook wallpaper and setting have been completely blocked. From the extensive amount of time students are on their chromebooks, it was easy to see how fast people had noticed the change in not only the settings but wallpaper also.


“I had noticed that my settings and walpaper had been changed at the same time about three weeks ago.” said Ally Seefeldt a Senior.


“I woke up and opened up my chromebook and there was a stupid hodag.” said Michael Fritz a Junior.


Students felt they couldn’t express themselves through a form of individualisation. They had done so in the past by having their own wallpapers and also by being able to change what they wanted in settings.


Students were saying that the only thing they would want to change would be the wallpaper. Sophomore Connor Lund said “One thing i’d like to be able to access is my wallpaper.”


The decisions of changing the settings and wallpaper on the chromebooks was made and influenced by principals and technicians.

“A reason the wallpaper privileges were taken away was because of the inappropriate pictures students were using. This wasn’t just the high school; it was district wide.” said Dan Wolter,  a technician with the district.

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Chromebook Conundrum