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A Grand Affair: Homecoming Week

Shandi Thomas, Student Journalist and Editor

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As tradition, Rhinelander High School holds a week of fun filled activities and theme days leading up to the Homecoming Football Game and Dance on Saturday, September 30th.
The themes this year were: Into the Jungle, Pairs, Music genres (divided up by grade) Camo VS. Khaki, and Green and White on Friday.


All the hustle and bustle starts on Monday morning, with window painting done across the school by the band, choir, FBLA/DECA, and many other clubs. Monday night, the junior and senior boys team up against each other and play a fun, yet very competitive game of Spike volleyball.


Spike volleyball has many reasons for being entertaining.

“It’s men wearing short shorts that should not be worn”, RHS senior coach Brittany Curby said.


Through lots of preparation, struggles for both classes, from seniors having to tone down their cockiness, or juniors being bribed with donuts, both sides put in vast amounts of effort. It was a close game Monday night, but though the help of the fans cheering “Send it” or “You want one?” the seniors scraped by with a 3-2 win.


“We’re gonna absolutely crumble [the juniors]!” Tyler Olson, one of the senior players stated before the game.

“I’m pretty excited”  Bridger Flory, a junior player said. But when asked about his confidence in his team, he stated, “not very, but I think it’ll be a close game.”

Although the juniors lost, their coaches are still very confident for next year.

“I feel like we did our best” stated Ciarra Kadlec, one of the Junior coaches “but we’ll definitely get the juniors next year.”

Wednesday night, it was Powderpuff. Not the animated TV series, but juniors and seniors facing off on the Varsity field for a competitive and action packed game of flag football.  After the juniors loss at Spike, they were very optimistic for Powderpuff.

“ We wanna represent the juniors” Sam Tjugum, one of the Junior coaches said, “we wanna win something, might as well try and win Powderpuff.”

The seniors were quite confident in their team. Returning coach, Jared Fabich stated “I just really like homecoming week as a whole. Plus it’s just fun to coach and see the intensity come out.”

Just like Spike, the boys faced a new field of challenges. The Juniors had problems with people showing up, and seniors had problems with a few rebellious players.

But despite their trials, there was a lot of good accomplishments as well.

“Their defensive senses and awareness was better than we thought it would be.” Stated Tjugum, when asked if there was anything that surprised them as coaches.

Senior coach Cole Spaulding, when asked the same question, stated “intensity is a big thing, that’s what you really need for this, and they definitely have it tonight.”

This was the Junior’s first year playing, so while the seniors did have the upper hand, both teams were still beyond confident in their players readiness.

“Oh, definitely” Stated Junior coach Brock Lieder, when asked if he felt ready for the big game.

Scott Fox, one of the senior coaches, said “I’ve never felt more confident in my life.”

And with that, the game began. There was cheering from both sides of the field and while there were a few rough moments, it was an overall clean game. The seniors made several touchdowns and field goals throughout the night, resulting in a 34-0 win for the seniors, but yet another loss for the juniors. However, both juniors and seniors were optimistic.

“The girls really carried it.. They did so excellent. We just gave them the plays, and they took everything with open arms.” The senior coaches stated.  “They did far better than I would’ve expected. The improvement from last year, to this year, is amazing.”

“We haven’t lost either!” Chimed in Senior coach Alec Kurtz, referencing last year’s tie (21-21) against the now graduated class of 2017.

Given that the juniors only had about 20 players, the coaches were all very proud of how their girls did, and how they handled plays, directions, and conflicts.

“We’re not seniors, so we didn’t win.” The juniors said. “Watch out class of 2020.”

With Spike and Powderpuff over for the year, that leaves the Friday pep rally.

During this time, the RHS pep band plays a few of their greatest hits, the dance team wows the student body with their Homecoming guy/girl dance routine, and the Homecoming court, this year consisting of Hope Wissbroecker, Alyssa Mitchell, Lexi Rick, Lauren Rosendahl, Mackenzie Pence, Tyler Olson, Jacob DeMeyer, Cole Spaulding, Scott Fox and Brad Quade, prepared a few skits to help get everyone pumped for the game following the parade that evening at Mike Webster Stadium. It was a close one, with a loss for the Hodags and a final score of 21-41.

All of this leads up to the Homecoming Dance Saturday Night. And this year, it’s sure to be A Grand Affair.

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